Who We Are?

Kakaaki Gallery is a passion driven organization that believes in the unleashment of the mind and feelings in various media to communicate ideas in an Africanistic way. 

Over centuries, culture has been a guide to man and cultural legacies are passed from generations to generations to remind and keep the bond strain of our origin. Kakaaki  gallery is informed by the deep quest to preserve culture and value through paintings, sculptures and designs and be the voice for talented female artists . 

Research shows that women are less informed in the human population and those that have stood out in the creative field face a day to day discrimination in gender as we live in a highly patriarchal society. Kakaaki gallery seeks, collaborates and promotes female creative struggling in the art market whose works reflects our dreams and values as we engage in art exhibitions and activities.


  • To establish a market place for African Female Artists. 


  • To promote the rich culture and heritage of Africa.
  • To encourage and promote talented Artist.
  • To create a market space for female artists in the creative industry.