Indigenous African Arts



It’s no news that in the past, female artists have worked extra hard in the creative industry, just to be at par with their male counterparts.

You would think that in this present ‘woke’ world, things would have changed but female artists are still being under valued and are barely seen.

Her Vim is about women’s struggles in the Creative space, that have triggered their passion to go the extra mile to  create Art that would not only break records, but also inspire young women in their journey of self discovery. 

That it lights you up, when you scroll through these  pages of passion, is what we hope for.

In these pages, these artists laid their struggles bare, alongside their conquest. 

They have told stories;

▪of how we rose from ashes meant to end us, flapping our wings like phoenixes birth anew.

▪of our resilience, of how we didn’t budge when life with its many vices came at us.

▪of how we came to be, what we came to be, when we came to be and how much we fight to be seen.

▪of what inspires our passion, to create outstanding pieces.

▪f our journey to self discovery, and being comfortable with and proud of our accomplishments.

We have put these stories in beautiful forms of Art and we hope they inspire you to do more.